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Born in 1992, Leanne Lewis is a visual artist from Malta. 
Her research and practice mainly revolve around her passion towards the subject of nature and the environment within the local context. Leanne’s work explores environmental issues
like the uprooting of trees, bird hunting and its impact on bird migration. She works and experiments with a variety of media and techniques, from drawing, collage and printing, to photography, installation art, and sculpture exploring different materials including soil and seeds.

Currently, Leanne is working on a series of mixed media drawings, titled ‘Maltese Seascapes’, which she commenced last year in Summer 2020. This series is inspired by the Maltese culture and the serenity of the Mediterranean Sea surrounding the Maltese islands. Leanne has recently exhibited two drawings from this series at Boomer Gallery in London.

Leanne completed her first degree in Fine Arts in 2013, at the Institute of Art and Design, at Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST).  She furthered her studies in Fine Arts with a Masters Degree at the University of Malta, from which she graduated in 2016. Leanne currently teaches visual art to young kids at a primary school and at School of Art, Valletta. 
2020: ‘New Wave’ Collective Exhibition 
           at Boomer gallery, London
2019: ‘Feminae’ Collective Exhibition 
           at Malta Chamber of Commerce, Valletta 
           ‘Perception: Postscripts’ collective exhibition 
           at Malta Society of Arts, Palazzo de la Salle, Valletta 
2018: ‘Levi’s Design Contest’, collective exhibition 
           at Levi’s store, Valletta
           ’50 posters for Malta’ collective exhibition
           at Antoine de Paule Hall, San Anton Palace, Attard
2016: ‘MA Fine Arts Final Projects Exhibition’ 
           at Splendid, Strait Street, Valletta
2015: ‘Doors: Ten Collages’ Collective art exhibition 
           at Architecture Project AP, Valletta
           ‘Ziffa’ Collective art exhibition 
           at VeeGeeBee Art Gallery, Valletta
           ‘SHOUT’ Collective Exhibition at Din l-Art Helwa, 
2014: ‘Disclosure’ Contemporary Collective art 
           exhibition at Studio 104 Fine Art Space, Valletta
2013: ‘Naxra’ as part of ‘Notte Bianca’ 
           at Strait Street, Valletta
2011: ‘Kwalita Malta’ a fair of Maltese products and talents 
           at Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre (MFCC)
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